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Do this one thing today to ensure the DoL inspector doesn't penalise your company

by , 20 October 2014
The thought of a DoL inspector arriving at your workplace is terrifying for most employers. If he sees even the slightest sign of poor health and safety, he'll penalise you.

But you don't have to be afraid of his visit, especially if you do this one thing.

Read on and discover what this one thing is, so you can do it today...


You can avoid a DoL penalty if you do this one thing today

If you're worried about a DoL visit then stop, sit down at your desk and create a complete health and safety file today. 
This file must include all your health and safety documents as proof of your efforts to implement health and safety in your company.
This way, when he goes around your workplace, he can compare what he sees with what's in your health and safety file. 
If he sees gaps in your health and safety, he'll be more willing to just give you instructions to fix or improve it instead of hitting you with hefty punishment.
So create a health and safety (SHE) file today and ensure it contains the documents that apply to your company .
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Three tips to get your employees to comply with health and safety laws
Employees think that safety is something 'management' must do. They're wrong. Employees also have duties to comply with the OHS Act.
It's your responsibility to make sure your employees comply. Don't know how to do it? 

16 Documents you might have to include in your health and safety file

Your SHE file should contain the relevant documents for your company. These might include:
1. Risk Assessments;
2. Occupational Health and Safety Policy;
3. Appointment Letters;
4. Legal Agreements;
5. Section 37(2) OHS Act 85 of 1993 and Regulations;
6. Letter of Appointment as Contractor;
7. Construction Regulation 5(3)(f) of the OHS Act 85 of 1993;
8. Letter of Good Standing;
9. Tax Clearance Certificate;
10. Notification of construction work;
11. Safety Plan;
12. Fall Protection Plan;
13. Inspection checklists;
14. PPE Issue Register;
15. Toolbox Talks; and
16. Accident/Incident report (General Administrative Regulation 9(3) – Annexure 1).
If you need extra help creating a DoL-proof health and safety file, check out the SHE File CD. It walks you through everything you need to create your file from scratch.

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Do this one thing today to ensure the DoL inspector doesn't penalise your company
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