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Do this to ensure employees don't tell a DoL inspector you haven't complied with the OHS Act

by , 10 October 2014
Your employees could be the reason your business fails a DoL inspection.

The reason? The inspector will interview and question them.

So if you haven't complied with the OHS Act and your employees know it, they could blow the whistle on your company.

Want to prevent this?

Here's what to do...


Here's how to prevent your employees from telling a DoL inspector you haven't complied 

You can't manipulate or threaten your employees into lying to the DoL. So if you don't want them to blow the whistle of non-compliance on you, the only thing to do is comply.
There's no shortcut when it comes to health and safety, especially where your employees are involved. 
That's why you simply have to comply and communicate with your employees about your health and safety efforts.
Communication is key here because if your employees don't know what steps you've taken towards health and safety compliance, they might tell the inspector you haven't complied.
Here are four areas you must communicate to your employees.
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If you operate any machinery in your workplace, GMR Schedule D or C must be in clear view for employees to see. This will be the first thing the inspector will look out for when he's paying an unscheduled visit to your workplace.  If you are missing these summaries, he will slap you with a fine. Don't get caught without them. 

Four health and safety areas your employees need to know about

Every time you appoint someone to a health and safety position, you must tell your employees about it. Tell them who you appointed and what their role is.
2. Safety equipment
You need to tell employees what safety equipment you put in place, how it will protect them and how they must use it.
3. Health and safety developments
Tell your employees about what you plan on doing in the future to maintain or improve health and safety.
4. Health and safety rules
Clearly explain your health and safety rules to your employees so they know how to comply.
If you communicate with your employees on these health and safety topics, they can't tell the DoL inspector you failed to comply with the OHS Act.
For more advice on how to prepare for a DoL inspection, check out the Health and safety Advisor.

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Do this to ensure employees don't tell a DoL inspector you haven't complied with the OHS Act
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