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Do you have these signs in your emergency exit routes?

by , 19 February 2014
In Section TT of the SABS 0400 National Building Regulations, you'll be instructed on the importance of emergency exit routes when it comes to getting employees out safely in the event of an emergency. To do that, you must equip your business with adequate emergency exit routes. Read on to find out about the type of signs and markings you must display in your emergency exit routes.

You must display the necessary markings and sign postings in your emergency exit routes, says the Health & Safety Advisor.

That's not all.

Make sure signs in your emergency exit routes comply with these three requirements

#1: You must clearly mark and signpost every emergency route, as well as the direction the route will take to safety.

Your municipality has to give you the correct size and position of these markings/sign posts.

Note: Any exit door of any room which has a population of fewer than 25 people doesn't require any markings/signposts.

#2: You must post signs saying EXIT/UITGANG of at least 150mm in height over any exit doors leading out of any halls or auditoriums.

Read on for the last requirement...


Do your employees know about the different fire equipment?

If a fire breaks out in your building, would your employees know what to do or how to use the fire extinguisher?


#3: For all emergency exit signs you must:

  • Illuminate them for night vision with an intensity of at least 50 lux.
  • Ensure in the event of a power failure that they're illuminated (by an emergency power supply) for at least two hours after the main power supplies have failed. You must also protect the emergency power supply against the effects of fire for at least two hours after a fire breaks out.

The Advisor adds that your municipality may require you to erect signs that prohibit exiting through certain openings for the safety of your employees. They would request this if, for example, the exit opens onto a busy road.

Now that you know what you're required to do when it comes to markings and sign postings, make sure your emergency exit routes are legally compliant.

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