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Do you know how the OHS Act regulate the use of asbestos?

by , 15 October 2014
Asbestos is a serious health hazard. If your employees have to work with the substance, they're in constant danger andyou need to protect them from it.

The OHS Act even has regulations about what you need to do to protect your employees from this hazard.

If you don't follow these regulations, not only are your employees in danger, but you're also guilty of non-compliance.

Read on to find out what the OHS Act's asbestos regulations are so you can comply...

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Ensure you comply with the OHS Act's regulations for asbestos

1. Notify your employees about the asbestos hazard.
2. Monitor and control their exposure to asbestos.
3. Give your employees information and training about dealing with asbestos.
4. Tell your employees about their duties if they're exposed to asbestos.
5. Do an assessment of potential asbestos exposure.
6. Do effective air monitoring.
7. Put effective medical surveillance in place to monitor your employees' exposure.
8. Install respirator zone.
9. Control of exposure to asbestos through safety measures and equipment.
10. Clean your premises and plant to reduce the spread of asbestos.
11. Control exposure to asbestos of persons other than employees.
12. Take measures to deal with asbestos that forms part of your workplace, building, plant or premise's structure.
13. Control asbestos cement sheeting and related products with safety measures.
14. Keep records relating to asbestos.
15. Give your employees personal protective equipment (PPE) and facilities to protect them against the asbestos.
16. Maintain your asbestos control measures.
17. Label, package, transport and store products correctly to avoid contamination. 
18. Dispose of asbestos safely and correctly
Ensure you comply with these regulations so you can comply with the OHS Act and protect your employees from this poisonous substance. 
For more OHS Act regulations you must comply with, check out the Health and Safety Advisor.

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Do you know how the OHS Act regulate the use of asbestos?
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