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Do you know that you're required to conduct an exit medical exam on all employees exposed to asbestos?

by , 17 January 2014
Do your employees work with asbestos? If so, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires you to conduct exit exams when these employees leave your company. Read on to find out more about this so you can comply.

If your company uses asbestos, you need to do pre-employment examinations.

If results of the chest x-ray and lung function test are normal, the person is fit for duty.

An applicant is unfit for employment if he has any history of asthma or lung diseases, and gets abnormal results from his lung-function test or chest x-rays.

But your responsibilities don't end there.

You must also conduct a medical exam when your employee leaves the company.

Employees exposed to asbestos MUST have an exit medical examination

The Health & Safety Advisor says you must conduct an exit exam on all employees exposed to asbestos, or any other hazardous agents in your workplace.

This'll protect your company as it proves an employee was healthy when leaving your company.

This prevents you being sued at a later stage if an employee claims he's ill due to work circumstances.

The exit medical must include a chest x-ray, lung function test and a physical examination.

If test results are normal, your employee is fit to leave the company.

If the results are abnormal, you must follow these steps:

  • Repeat the lung function test;
  • Complete the respiratory questionnaire;
  • Send your employee to an occupational health medical practitioner for an evaluation; and
  • Send him to a specialist if necessary.

Remember to report any occupational disease to the commissioner if they're work related.

Conducting an exit medical examination is a legal requirement. So make sure you comply if your employee is exposed to asbestos.

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Do you know that you're required to conduct an exit medical exam on all employees exposed to asbestos?
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