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Do you know the ten essential items for scaffolding?

by , 21 January 2014
Many employers make the mistake of not using the correct equipment when putting up scaffolding. And sadly, this mistake usually results in injuries or even death. Make sure this isn't the case in your company. Read on to discover the ten essential items for scaffolding so you can build your scaffold properly.

It's important that you use the correct scaffold equipment. Doing this ensures the scaffold is erected to specification.

The Health & Safety Advisor urges you to NOT view necessary scaffold equipment as 'additional expenses'.

'These must be seen for what they really are: Critically important elements you're legally required to provide to erect a safe scaffold for employees.'

So what's required when putting up a scaffold?

You'll need the following 10 items when erecting scaffolding:

  1. Sole plates
  2. Base jacks
  3. Standards
  4. Ledgers
  5. Scaffold tubes, couplers, swivel couplers for cross bracing
  6. Hook-on-boards
  7. Access ladders
  8. Trapdoors
  9. Kick boards
  10. Scaffold tags (safe/unsafe to use signs)

Don't forget that Construction Regulations also include the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Code of Practice SANS 10085, 'The design, erection, use and inspection of access scaffolding'.

This code of practice sets out the components required to build a scaffold that won't collapse under the weight of workers or materials on it.

What this means is there are Standards incorporated into the Construction Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). SANS 10085 indicates the requirements for the safe erection of scaffolding.

When scaffold erectors, inspectors and supervisors do their training, this training must be in line with SANS 10085. The design specification is also covered in this code.

Now that you know the ten essential items for scaffolding make sure you comply so you can erect a safe scaffold for your employees.

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Do you know the ten essential items for scaffolding?
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