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Do you use explosive powered tools in your workplace? Make sure you comply with Construction Regulations 2014

by , 19 March 2014
One of the changes in Construction Regulations 2014 relates to powered tools. In the old regulations, these were referred to as 'explosive powered tools'. In the new regulations, they're called 'explosive actuated fastening devices'. Continue reading to find out what else has changed in the new regulations and what Construction Regulations 2014 say you must do when using these tools.

If you use explosive actuated fastening devices (otherwise known as explosive powered tools) make sure you comply with these rules

The South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors explains that in terms of Construction Regulations 2014, no contractor may use or permit any person to use an explosive actuated fastening device, unless:

#1: You've provided the user with suitable protective equipment and he uses it;

#2: You've trained the user in the operation, maintenance and use of such a device;

#3: The explosive actuated fastening device has a protective guard around the muzzle end, which effectively confines any flying fragments or particles; and

#4: The firing mechanism is designed in a way that ensures that the explosive actuated fastening device, will not function unless:

  • It's held against the surface with a force of at least twice its weight; and
  • The angle of inclination of the barrel to the work surface is not more than 15 degrees from a right angle.



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That's not all to Construction Regulations 2014 and explosive actuated fastening devices

#5: Construction Regulations 2014 also require you, the contractor, to ensure that:

  • Only cartridges suited for the relevant explosive actuated fastening device, and the work to be performed, are used.
  • The safety devices of an explosive actuated fastening device are in good working order prior to use.
  • An explosive actuated fastening device is cleaned and examined daily before use. This must be done by a competent person who has been appointed for this purpose.

Warning! These Construction Regulations 2014 changes don't only come with new definitions. The Department of Labour (DoL) has also introduced harsher penalties for non-compliance. So make sure you comply with these requirements if you use explosive actuated fastening devices in your workplace.

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Do you use explosive powered tools in your workplace? Make sure you comply with Construction Regulations 2014
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