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Don't get caught out by the latest updates to your employees' OHS duties

by , 29 July 2014
The OHS Act outlines all your duties as an employer. These duties will help ensure your employees are always safe at work.

But did you know your employees have OHS duties under the OHS Act too?

Well they do, and government has just updated the health and safety laws that govern these duties...

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Tired of paying for expensive health and safety training for your employees?

Here's what your employees' OHS duties are

Your employees have the responsibility to protect themselves and each other. This means, for example, that if you give out PPE, it's your employees' responsibility to wear it.
It also means they need to look out for each other at work to prevent accidents.
These rules basically come down to your employees' duty to follow your health and safety rules.
Recently, a group of employees went on an illegal strike simply to get more information about unfair dismissals. By doing this they broke the health and safety rules around this kind of behaviour. This highlighted the ignorance of workers around proper behaviour. 
That's why there are new rules around your employees' OHS duties...

Here are the updated rules around your employees OHS duties

Your workers can't use any equipment that could cause an accident;
They can't work in a way that could cause a dangerous accident; and
They can't take part in any pranks, contests, feats of strength or unruly behaviour that could cause an accident.
These updated rules are there to ensure your employees behave in the right way. 
Ensure your employees follow these updated rules and give them proper training on good behaviour. You must ensure they understand what counts as bad behaviour and what they must do if they see another employee behaving badly.
So take the right steps now to ensure your employees comply with these new rules.

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Health & Safety Advisor.  It gives you tips, tools and advice to comply with the OHS Act and regulations.

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Don't get caught out by the latest updates to your employees' OHS duties
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