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Don't let your business go up in smoke! Store your company's flammable liquids safely and legally

by , 15 April 2013
Over 50% of work-related burn injuries every year are caused by the careless use and storage of flammable liquids, such as petrol and methylated spirits. And more than half of these occur during business hours. Read on to discover the steps you need to take to protect your employees from flammable liquids in the workplace.

If your employees regularly work with acetone, ammonia, petrol or methane, their health and safety could be at risk.

Not only are these chemicals highly toxic, but they're highly flammable too. And that means if you're not storing them correctly, you could be at risk of causing a flammable liquids workplace accident.

Here's what you need to know to prevent flammable liquid accidents by storing them correctly…

Consider these three ways to store flammable liquids to protect your employees' health and safety

There're three ways you can store flammable liquids safely, says the Health and Safety Advisor .

You can:

  1. Use containers or tanks stored in the open
  2. Custom build a flammable store
  3. Or store liquids in underground tanks

One of the best ways to do so, however, is by building a flammable store. But before you do, you need to register to store flammable liquids on site.

Want to erect a flammable store? Follow this step-by-step guide to register for permission first….

'As soon as you want to erect a flammable store, you must apply to your local authority for permission to do so. It will instruct you to apply the specific by-law for its municipality. The registration procedure details differ from authority to authority,' warns the Health and Safety Advisor.

In general, however, you can follow these five steps as outline by the Health and Safety Advisor:

Step #1: Obtain an official application form from your local authority and complete it.

Step #2: Submit a detailed plan of the flammable store you want to build to the local authority together with the official application form. The relevant departments of the local authority will examine these. Remember your store may form part of an existing building or be in a separate room away from any existing building. Depending on which one you choose, will affect the regulations your store will need to adhere to.

Step #3: If your plans are approved, you can start building your flammable store. The local authority will inspect the building process regularly.

Step #4: After you've completed the store to the local authority's satisfaction, it'll issue a certificate for storage of flammable substances.

Step #5: Ensure your store continues to remain in compliance with the set requirements as the local authority may conduct regular inspections.

So there you have it. Don't let flammable liquids put your employee's health and safety at risk. Store them correctly by erecting a flammable store.

Click here to get the 100% legally compliant risk assessment toolkit that gives you everything you need to effectively and compliantly manage risk in your business.

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Don't let your business go up in smoke! Store your company's flammable liquids safely and legally
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