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Eight health and safety laws you MUST comply with

by , 02 June 2014
When you do a risk assessment, it's not just a matter of identifying risks in your workplace. You also need to find holes in your OHS plan and check if you're complying with all the OHS regulations.

In fact, depending on your industry, there are eight health and safety laws you may have to comply with. And if you don't do a risk assessment, you may never know if you're complying with the right ones or not.

Here are the eight laws you need to check you're complying with or face the DoL.

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·         Which risk assessments have to be checked by an approved inspector every two years?
·         Is it absolutely necessary for your company to appoint and train someone as a risk assessor?
·         When was the last time you did a risk assessment? (Is that too long?)
·         Have you checked and double checked the less obvious health hazards?
If you can't answer even one of these questions you're not only putting your employee's lives at risk; you're also putting yourself in danger of massive fine from the DoL.
Don't wait until it's too late.

Your risk assessment will show if you're complying with these eight health and safety laws 

If you want to ensure you and your employees comply with the risk health and safety laws, then your risk assessment needs to check you're complying with these eight laws:
Law 1: The Occupational Health and Safety Act
The OHS Act, as a whole, states you and your employees are responsible for safety on site. This means you must all keep your eyes open for possible hazards.
Law 2: The Hazardous Chemical Substance Regulations
You must assess your whole workplace to check for hazards caused by exposure to chemicals.

Law 3: The Major Hazard Installation Regulation
Your risk assessment must look for the probable frequency, size and nature of any major workplace accidents that could occur at a major hazard installation.

Law 4: The Natural Environmental Management Act
You must assess the impact your business will have on the environment.

Law 5: The Mine Health and Safety Act
You must, to the best of your ability, try and provide a safe working environment free from risks.

Law 6: Environmental legislation (e.g. the Environmental Conservation Act)
You must do a risk or impact assessment to determine if you're complying with this piece of environmental legislation.

Law 7: The Basic Conditions of Employment Act
Your employees have the right to a safe working environment. You must assess if there are any workplace risks that violate this right.

Law 8. The King II Report
The report states that, it's your management's responsibility to identify business risks. You'll then have to implement management
actions to deal with the risks.

You have to do a risk assessment to ensure you're complying with these risks but remember you may need to use different types of risk assessments.

Are you complying with the entire OHS Act and 19 Regulations?
Are you 100% compliant? How can you be sure?

The four kinds of risk assessments

To help assess your OHS risks, use one of these four types of risk assessments:
There you have it! Simply do a risk assessment to ensure you comply with all of your legal obligations as an employer. 

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Eight health and safety laws you MUST comply with
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