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Eight vital tips to get your employees to follow PPE laws

by , 05 June 2014
As an employer, you have responsibilities to keep your employees safe. This means you need to provide your employees with the right PPE.
But your employees might not give two hoots about your health and safety responsibilities. This means you've wasted your company's money on nice new PPE that none of your employees wear.

The problems and hassle this will cause will probably cost even more than the PPE did. But there's a way around this.

Below, the Health and Safety Advisor has eight tips you can use to ensure your employees wear their PPE.

Tired of paying for expensive health and safety training for your employees?

Your employees have a legal duty to wear their PPE

You know about your legal duty to provide your employees with Personal Protective Equipment. But, do your employees know that OHS regulations say they have a legal duty to take care of themselves and others around them?
If not, this is your first step to get your employees to wear their PPE. Warn them if they're caught not complying, the DoL will fine them. 
But you don't want to let it get to that, so use these eight tips to get them to wear their PPE.

Eight tips that'll get your employees to wear their PPE

The Health and Safety Advisor says if you want your employees to wear their PPE then make sure:

1. Managers set an example and wear their PPE at all time;
2. You've issued your employees with the right PPE;
3. The PPE is the right size and fits your employees comfortably;
4. You've trained your employees on how to use and maintain their safety equipment correctly;
5. Supervisors reinforce and remind employees of the need to wear their PPE;
6. You give your employees counseling on the risks of not wearing their PPE;
7. Employees motivate each other to wear their protective clothing; and
8. You enforce the disciplinary-code for none compliance, but only as a last resort.
With these eight tips your employees will comply with safety laws in no time.
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Eight vital tips to get your employees to follow PPE laws
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