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Electrical Machinery Regulations Act: Do you know the requirements for switchgear and transformer premises?

by , 03 January 2014
Have enclosed housing switchgear and transformers? If so, read on to discover what the Electrical Machinery Regulations Act says you must do.

You must comply with the Electrical Machinery Regulations Act if you have enclosed housing switchgear and transformers.

Here are the requirements for switchgear and transformer premises

The Health & Safety Advisor says if you have enclosed housing switchgear and transformers, make sure that:

  • There is enough clear working space for operating and maintenance staff.
  • There is enough ventilation to maintain the equipment at a safe working temperature.
  • The area is built in such a way that it is safe from rodents, leakage, seepage and flooding.
  • There is enough lighting so that all equipment, walkways and working areas can be clearly seen and all instruments, labels and notices can be read easily.
  • It has doors or gates, which can be opened easily from the inside, opening outwards.
  • There are fire extinguishing appliances or systems suitable for use on electrical machinery and are kept in good working order.
  • If the work area is not attended by workers, suitable fire extinguishing appliances must be available at the premises whenever work is being done.

That's not all.

The Electrical Machinery Regulations Act also requires you to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help prevent incidents for workers who work on, or close to live electrical machinery or dead electrical machinery that might become live.

You must give PPE to your workers free of charge. You can't charge for it or deduct the cost from you're employee's salaries or wages.

In addition, make sure that all personal protective equipment is kept in a good condition.

Now that you know the legal requirements for switchgear and transformer premises, make sure you comply.

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