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Ensure compliance with safety regulations by monitoring and reviewing your Health and Safety Plan

by , 04 May 2015
Your Health and Safety Plan needs to be dynamic so you can respond to changing circumstances and easily implement new safety regulations.

For this to happen, you must ensure your Principal Contractor performs regular safety audits on the construction work he does.

And you must ensure your Health and Safety Plan provides a safe and healthy environment for everyone on site.

Sounds like a tough job? Not once you've read this article!

Here's what the Principal Contractor must do to achieve these aims:

a. Appoint a Construction Safety Officer to implement and monitor the plan.
The Safety Officer must be present each day to report on safety issues for construction work and be charged with updating and maintaining the Health and Safety File; and

b.  Appoint a person to perform periodic safety audits of the implementation plan.
Note that the frequency of the audits should not be less than once per month.

          i.  In the event of a construction period of less than one month, start up and completion audits shall be held: one within two days of work commencing; one after two weeks and one within two days of completion.

          ii.  In the event of a construction period greater than one month, start up and completion audits shall be held within two days of work  commencing and finishing and interim audits will be performed once a month or as otherwise required by the Client.

          iii. At least one audit shall be performed by an independent, approved external health and safety auditor.

c. On completion of the construction work, the Principal Contractor shall review the Health and Safety File and produce a consolidated report which shall review the performance in terms of health and safety and make recommendations for changes to be included in the future Health and Safety Plans; and

d. Submit a copy of the consolidated Health and Safety Plan, including the final report, to the Client.

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The documentation your contractor needs to prove you're reviewing your Health and Safety Plan

The following documentation is required to ensure compliance with the Regulations in terms of monitoring and review of the Health and Safety Plan (tick where appropriate).

Description                                                                               Required                    Where kept
12.1 Appointment of Safety Officer (full or part time)
12.2 Appointment of internal auditor
12.3 Appointment of external auditor
12.4 Register of daily safety reports
12.5 Copies of daily safety reports
12.6 Register of safety audits
12.7 Copies of safety audits

Use this and make sure you check where appropriate. Make sure you know the responsibilities of the principal contractor and that your business in constructions is taking well care of the health and safety segment of any developing project.

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Ensure compliance with safety regulations by monitoring and reviewing your Health and Safety Plan
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