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Feasibility studies in the construction process: How it's done

by , 21 May 2015
In the construction process, there are six phases you need to follow: Planning, feasibility, design development, tender documentation and procurement, construction management and documentation and project close-out.

As a general rule, during each of these phases, one or more laws and construction regulations will apply. It's your job to advise the construction team oF the legal implication of each phase.

Today we'll have a closer look at what laws you must comply with in the phase regarding feasibility

The law and feasibility studies: What you need to know

First of all, you have to create your project brief with the information you have in the planning phase. A project brief describes all the activities you need for the 'permission to proceed' to start with construction.

It should include:

•  The professional team to perform the various surveys and applications;
•  The cost of their professional fees; and  
•  The time you'll need for the application process.

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Keep in mind that you and your client must agree on the project brief and time frames. Although by law you don't have to conduct a feasibility study, you do have to provide the resources to ensure compliance.

This includes the cost of Health and Safety compliance (Construction Regulation4(1)(h)).

Remember your client can decide to cancel the project if it turns out to be not feasible. Here's how to ensure you comply:

In this part of your project, you'll also need to create a list of the activities that need to be done in conjuction with the following construction regulations:

•  Activities listed under the Listing Notices;
•  Activities listed under Construction Regulation 3;
•  Activities requiring SAHRA permit; and
•  Activities of the Construction phase.

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Feasibility studies in the construction process: How it's done
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