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Find out how your company’s HSE rep can make your job easier

by , 16 January 2013
By law, you must have a Health, Safety and Environment representative (HSE rep) at your company if you have 20 or more employees. But what exactly will your HSE rep do? And how can you work together to ensure health and safety procedures are implemented and maintained?

What will your company’s HSE rep do?
Safety is key and your HSE rep must ensure that employees are safe in their work environment. He must see how your company’s HSE programme works to better implement it.
Your HSE rep must identify potential dangers at work and report them to the HSE committee or you the employer.
The cause of incidents reported to your HSE rep must be examined for an investigation to take place.
Your HSE rep must investigate complaints for possible solutions.
Your HSE rep must inspect the workplace, (e.g. do monthly formal inspections, and informal inspections every day by walking through the work area two or three times a day) to see if HSE measures are in place.
How to work together with your HSE reps for better results
Remember, as a manager you also have to ensure that the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and the health and safety procedures are upheld and put into practice.
Failure to do this could be disastrous. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law.
Recently, 10 949 notices were served for contraventions in health and safety requirements and 1 230 companies had to stop production completely.
How to help your HSE rep fulfill his roles:
Provide HSE reps with the training they need to carry out their legal responsibilities;
Ensure the HSE rep’s inspection file contains all the relevant documents needed for inspections.
Support and provide information as and when it’s needed;
Assist with safety talks.
Give HSE reps time each month to complete inspections.
Ensure that there are enough trained and appointed HSE reps so all shifts are covered by at least one HSE rep.
Make sure you comply with the legal ratio.
List the appointees responsible for the shifts and departments on HSE notice boards.
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Find out how your company’s HSE rep can make your job easier
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