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Follow these three simple rules to foolproof OHS Act compliance

by , 13 October 2014
Complying with the OHS Act is simple. All you have to do is keep your employees safe at work by following the Act's instructions.

These instructions might sound complicated when you read them, but really they're very simple.

Today we're revealing three basic rules you need to follow to comply with the Act and all its instructions.

Read on to discover what they are...

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You can easily comply with the OHS Act by following these three rules

Rule 1: Make all the right appointments
You have to appoint people from your staff to certain health and safety positions. There are 33 different appointments you might need to make depending on the nature of your business. You need to make all the relevant ones so these people help you manage health and safety in your company.
Rule 2: Put all the right equipment in place
You need to put safety equipment in place and give your employees personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment must make it safer for your employees to do their jobs. You must ensure all this equipment is specific to the risks and dangers your employees face during their work.
Rule 3: Train everyone
You need to give all your employees general health and safety training. You also need to give all your health and safety appointments training that's specific to their new roles so they can fulfil their duties.
This training should be an ongoing process depending on changes to your health and safety programme or company risk level.
Following these three rules will help you easily comply with the OHS Act.
For more advice on how to comply, check out the Health and Safety Advisor. It contains everything you need to know about complying.

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Follow these three simple rules to foolproof OHS Act compliance
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