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Follow these two OHS Act rules to prevent and treat workplace injuries

by , 08 October 2014
The OHS Act instructs you to keep your employees safe by following its health and safety laws. But sometimes accidents happen despite all your safety measures.

This is why the Act also gives you instruction on how to deal with injuries.

Read on to discover what the Act says you must do to prevent and treat injuries so you can comply with its stringent health and safety laws...


Prevent injuries from happening by giving your employees PPE

This Act says you must give your employees personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent injuries. This way, if they have minor accidents, they won't result in serious injuries.
To determine the risks your employees face that are likely to cause injuries and to determine the type of PPE protects them do a risk assessment.
Now, PPE will do a lot towards protecting your employees. But if one of your employees is injured at work, you must comply with this OHS Act law to treat it.
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Here's what the OHS Act says you must do to treat your employee's injuries

The Act clearly states you must have at least one first aider on duty if you have more than ten employees. It also says you must have a fully stocked first aid kit
The reason for these health and safety regulations is you must be able to treat any injuries your employees sustain. 
You must also train your first aider so she can effectively deal with any injuries.
Follow these OHS regulations so you can help your employees anytime they have injuries.
PS. You can find out more about your health and safety obligations under the OHS Act in the Health and Safety Advisor

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Follow these two OHS Act rules to prevent and treat workplace injuries
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