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Follow this procedure when applying for a construction work permit

by , 07 May 2015
As new amendments were made to the Construction Regulations in 2014, we'll show you the right procedure to follow when you want to apply for a construction work permit.

Note: This is one of the new requirements of the Construction Regulations 2014 (Regulation 3). A client who's going to have construction work done must apply for a construction work permit.

But, you only need to apply for a permit if:

•  The construction work will take more than 180 days;

•  The construction work needs more than 1800 person days of construction work; and

•  The works contract is of a value equal to or more than R13 million or Construction Industry

Development Board (CIDB) grading level 6.

As a next step, send your application to the Department of Labour in your Region.

Now that you know when and how to apply for a construction work permit, remember not all the Construction Regulations may apply to you. Let's take a look at a few instances...

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Make every effort possible to comply!

Keep in mind the Construction Regulations are precise but sometimes you'll find you can't always apply them.

For example, if your construction work is a single storey dwelling for a client who's going to live in the dwelling, then Regulation 3 and 5 won't apply to you.

Another example of this is Regulation 28, which deals with construction welfare facilities. This section requires showers, sanitary facilities and changing facilities for each gender; sheltered eating areas; and suitable living accommodation for workers under certain conditions.

Complying with this is possible on a construction site where you're building a building. On road rehabilitation projects, stretching over longer areas, this may be a challenge, but arrangements should be made to set up these facilities in site camps and the use of mobile toilets.

The main OHSA outlines possible defences you can use if you find you can't comply with all the regulations. For example, the definition of 'reasonably practicable'. Essentially, you must prove you've made every effort to comply with the regulations.

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Follow this procedure when applying for a construction work permit
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