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Four elements a DoL inspector will look for in your health and safety policy

by , 13 October 2014
One of the first documents the DoL inspector checks is your health and safety policy.

This document outlines all the rules you have enforcing health and safety in your company.

This document must be legally compliant so the DoL inspector doesn't find any problems with it. The inspector will check for these four elements to ensure they're there...


Your health and safety policy must contain these four elements

1. The procedures your management team must follow to implement health and safety. This should detail things such as risk assessment, health and safety training, putting in safety equipment and so on.
This section is important when it comes to outlining the rules managers must follow to keep your company compliant with health and safety laws.
2. Your employees' obligations when it comes to complying with your health and safety rules. This should also include the punishment for not following your rules. 
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3. Your employees' responsibility when it comes to reporting health and safety problems. This is their role in helping you maintain health and safety so you must include who they must speak to when they want to report a health and safety problem.
4. The roles of all the health and safety appointments in your company. You should have the appointment title and all the duties the person you appoint to that position must fulfil. 
Note: You don't need to include the names of the people you appoint as these could change over time as people leave and join your company. 
Ensure your health and safety policy is legally complaint by making sure it contains these four elements.
For more on how to create a legally compliant health and safety policy, check out the Health and Safety Advisor.

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Four elements a DoL inspector will look for in your health and safety policy
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