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Four safety lessons you can learn from the recent cement mixer death

by , 14 May 2014
Earlier this month, a worker was killed by a cement mixer. After the incident, the investigation showed that proper safety procedures weren't followed.

Luckily, you can avoid this from happening in your company!

Continue reading to find out the four safety lessons you can learn from this tragedy so you can avoid deaths on your construction site.

Here are the facts of the recent cement mixer health and safety tragedy

  • Sheqafrica.com reports that an investigation into the incident found that a tyre fitter was instructed to clean the hopper at the rear of a concrete transit mixer, before loading a trial mix of concrete.
  • The worker climbed the ladder to the hopper while the drum was still rotating.
  • He was wearing a standard overall with loose sleeves.
  • His cuff got entangled between the rotating drum and the hopper and he was pulled towards the gaps between the steel parts.
  • As a result, his forearm was crushed, while his head was crushed between the hopper and the rim. He died at the scene.

So what can you learn from this tragic accident?


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Four health and safety lessons you can take away from the recent cement mixer death

Lesson #1: You must train your employees properly

The investigation into the incident found that the worker who died wasn't trained or competent in risks of the task.

Don't let this happen in your workplace. Make sure only competent and trained people work on machinery.

Lesson #2: Supervise employees who work on machinery

In this case, investigators found there was no supervision by a competent person. Big mistake. You must ensure a competent person supervises work on machinery.

Lesson #3: Conduct a risk assessment when working with machinery

Another error in this fatal incident is that 'the worker or the team didn't assess the risk, nor isolate the machinery prior to the task,' says Sheqafrica.com.

The reality is that you can't control or prevent risks if you haven't done a risk assessment.

That's why experts at the Health & Safety Club urge you to identify any hazards that could affect your employees' health and safety today. This is especially important when it comes to machinery like a cement mixer.

Read on to find out about the last safety lesson.


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Lesson #4: Provide proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The last thing the investigators found is that the worker wore loose-sleeved clothing near moving machinery.

Not only should you provide your employees with PPE, but you must also ensure they wear it properly. It's also your duty to replace old PPE.

This incident shows the importance of following proper health and safety procedures to help protect employees. So don't let your employees become another statistic. Learn from this incident and make sure employees on your construction site are safe.

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Four safety lessons you can learn from the recent cement mixer death
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