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Have you complied with these four training regulations? A DoL inspector will check during his next inspection

by , 04 November 2014
One of the most important safety regulations you must comply with is the one about health and safety training.

Because of its importance, the DoL inspector will check your training records when he comes to assess your company's health and safety.

And there are four particular training regulations he'll want to see you complied with...


The DoL inspector will check you've complied with these four health and safety training regulations

1. General health and safety training
The DoL inspector will check you gave all your employees general health and safety training. This training must include all the basics, such as your health and safety procedures, how to use safety equipment and what to do in an emergency.
2. Specific health and safety training for health and safety appointments
You have to appoint people to the relevant health and safety positions in your company. You then need to train these people to fulfil their obligations and duties. For example, once you appoint your health and safety representative, you must train him to do risk assessments, health and safety inspections and other tasks as part of his job.
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Compile your own comprehensive Induction Programme
Do you know what your OHSA duties are as an employer?
Do your employees know what their duties are?
3. Regular toolbox talks
Regular toolbox talks are an important part of maintaining your employees' training. The DoL inspector will want to see registers from these talks to ensure everyone attended.
4. Relevant training certificates
You need training certificates for any formal training your employees did. These certificates show who has the qualification, in what and when it expires.
If the DoL inspector finds you haven't complied with any of these regulations, he'll charge your penalties that can reach into the hundreds of thousands of rands.
Ensure your health and safety training is up to scratch so that doesn't happen. 
PS. Check out the Health and Safety Training Manual to ensure your health and safety training is 100% legally compliant. 

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Have you complied with these four training regulations? A DoL inspector will check during his next inspection
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