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Have you conducted a compliance audit?

by , 28 January 2014
You must make sure your health and safety management system works. One way to ensure it does, is to conduct a compliance audit. Continue reading to find out how you' to go about doing it.

It's important that you do a compliance audit in your workplace. This is a legal requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

But what exactly is a compliance audit?

A compliance audit is crucial as it helps you to assess the degree of compliance with requirements of the site-specific health and safety risk management system.

This will help you see how effective the system is in achieving its objectives.

You'll do the verification according to a testing plan, which includes all the items you must verify.

Your testing must give specifics that the auditor must verify, for example, what area it's in and who he'll do the verification with, says the Health & Safety Advisor.

When it isn't possible to verify each and every item, you need to do sampling. The higher the risk, the higher the sample percentage used.

You can verify through interviews, records and observations.

Make sure your compliance audit testing plan always looks at these six areas:

  1. All incident scenes.
  2. High risk operations and hazardous tasks.
  3. Every department must be covered, even if you only spend 10 minutes in a low risk department.
  4. Remote operations (if applicable).
  5. Departments with a high injury frequency rate must get specific attention.
  6. Scan as many areas as possible while continually zoning in on obvious problems or activities with significant risks.

Make sure you keep and file the testing plan and all findings as working documents for future reference.

Don't forget to report on the audit findings. If you aren't too sure about this, check out this article.

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