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He hit me in the face with a spade! Who must I report this to?

by , 05 September 2016
He hit me in the face with a spade! Who must I report this to?Working on a construction site, I'm sure you have many 'horror' stories to tell about incidents on your site...

My childhood was filled with my father (who managed a concrete plant for many, many years) coming home with tales of his stressful, but interesting, days.

Stories like...

… Being thrown off a silo by a very disgruntled and aggressive employee…
… One of his employees being caught under the drum of the concrete truck because they didn't check the surface, and it slid and rolled onto its side, catching john…
… Being stabbed in the shoulder by another employee…
… His site manager almost losing his leg because one of the trucks drove over his foot…
And one of my favorites, one employee hit another smack in the face with a spade in the middle of an intense argument.
While these are all entertaining stories, do you know when to report incidents and who exactly to report them to?


Do you know the internal and external processes you must follow when conducting an incident investigation?

Whenever you place a claim for one of your employees with COID, the Compensation Commissioner examines your incident report in great detail.

He checks that every detail of the workplace accident or occupational injury has been included along with all the details of your investigations.

Miss just one point and he'll delay your claim and compensation will now be your problem!
That's why you need to follow the correct internal and external processes the first time around.
Find out how here…


When and who to report major incidents to…

Sometimes you need to report an injury to the Compensation Commissioner to process claims for medical expenses and disability payments or pensions.
And, in other instances, you also need to report it to the Department of Labour's (DoL) Regional Director (OHSA Section 24).
In the case of all the above examples, they are considered to be major incidents. And you must report any such incidents to both COID and the DoL. The DoL wants to know about these types of major incidents because they could have led to loss of life and many injuries.
Keep reading for a checklist of 5 incidents you must also report to the DoL…
Avoid getting your claims denied...

COID statistics show that the fund denies 80% of all claims outright!


For two reasons:
  1. The employee either didn't report the claim properly.
  2. Or the incident they reported is something the COID Fund doesn't cover.
Click here to ensure this doesn't happen to you...


Checklist: 5 Incidents you must report to the Department of Labour

Report the incident to COID and the DoL if:
  • A person dies, becomes unconscious, loses a limb or part of a limb.
  • The person is likely to die as a result of the injuries.
  • The person is likely to suffer permanent physical defect.
  • The person won't be able to work for 14 days.
  • The person won't be able to return to the work for which they were employed.
Remember, if you don't report your incidents to COID, you'll have hassles processing claims for the medical expenses and disability payments.
For more guidance on how to claim from COID, order your COID Compliance Guide!

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He hit me in the face with a spade! Who must I report this to?
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