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Here's exactly what the OHS Act says about health and safety training

by , 08 October 2014
One of the rules the OHS Act outlines is the need to train your employees in health and safety issues. This enables them to protect themselves from danger by following safe operating procedures.

But what does the OHS Act really say about this training? Must it be formal or informal? Must you do it or must someone else?

To help relieve your confusion we're revealing exactly what the Act says about OHS training and what you must do about it...


The OHS Act says the following about health and safety training

- Your health and safety council should promote education and training in occupational health and safety.
- You must provide this information, instructions and training as necessary to ensure the health and safety of your employees at work.
- You must perform any activities to do with appointment and training of your health and safety representatives during ordinary working hours. Any time your employee spends on his training is seen by the DoL as time he spent carrying out of his duties as an employee.
- You must provide training to your health and safety representative so he can carry out his duties as an HSE Rep.
- Ensure only employees' with the training to understand the hazards associated can perform work in a plant or with machinery.
So what does all of this actually mean?
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Explained: Here's what the OHS Act requires when it comes to OHS training

Basically what these OHS Act regulations mean is you must educate all your employees on how to do their work safely.
You must also give your health and safety representative special training so he can carry out all his duties. 
You must do this training, for general employees and your HSE Reps, during work hours.
The Act doesn't give an indication about whether the training must come from an outside service provider or within your company. You can make those decisions depending on what suits your company best.
Now that you know exactly what the Act says about OHS training, ensure you comply with it's regulations. 

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Here's exactly what the OHS Act says about health and safety training
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