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Here's how a health and safety audit stopped John from going to jail for two years

by , 20 October 2014
John runs a construction company. Two months ago he decided to do a health and safety audit on his company. To John, this was simply a formality, because he was sure his company complied with the OHS Act and his health and safety was effective.

He started with head office and all its health and safety documents. Then he moved onto site and assessed the health and safety. He also interviewed his employees.

It was during this process John discovered something shocking. His company hadn't complied with at least 12 OHS Act laws.

Read on to discover how this stopped John going to jail for two years...


Without his health and safety audit, John would have faced a two year jail sentence

Let's say, John hadn't conducted a health and safety audit and a DoL inspector arrived at his company's premises. He would have let the inspector into his company, thinking he had nothing to fear. 
And the inspector would have found all the same counts of non-compliance John would have. 
As a result, the inspector fined John and charged him with a criminal offence. The evidence was against John and he could have gone to jail for two years.
Thankfully, John did a health and safety audit and caught all the problems before the inspector showed up.  This helped him avoid jail time and all the other problems.
So, if you want to avoid possible jail time, follow John's example and do a health and safety audit. Here's how…
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Are you complying with the entire OHS Act and 19 Regulations?
Are you 100% compliant? How can you be sure?

Here's how to do a health and safety audit in seven easy steps

Step 1: Select the departments to do the audit on.
Step 2: Prepare your audit plan to help guide the process.
Step 3: Assess the health and safety documents in the department you're auditing.
Step 4: Assess the condition of the working environment and look for health and safety problems.
Step 5: Interview some of your employees and ask them questions about health and safety in their department.
Step 6: Compare your findings with your health and safety records.
Step 7: Determine where your company does and doesn't comply and create a plan of action to fix the non-compliance.
Follow these seven steps and you too could avoid possible jail time just like John did.
To do an effective compliance audit on your company, check out the OHSAS18001 Auditor Kit

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Here's how a health and safety audit stopped John from going to jail for two years
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