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Here's how health and safety inspections could save your company thousands in DoL fines

by , 21 October 2014
If a DoL inspector arrives at your company unannounced, it could spell disaster. If he finds anything wrong in your company's health and safety procedures, he'll charge you fines that could go into the thousands and cause your company serious financial loses. That's why you have to do everything you can to prevent this.

That's where health and safety inspections play a useful roll.

Read on to find out how they could save your company from these dreaded DoL penalties...


Prepare for any unexpected DoL inspection by doing a health and safety inspection 

When you do a health and safety inspection, compare what you see in your workplace with your health and safety documents. 
This helps you see how things should be and how they really are.
If you do this, you can catch problems such as:
- Damaged equipment;
- Ineffective PPE; 
- Weak safety procedures;
- Non-compliant employees; and
- Problems with your onsite health and safety management. 
Spotting these problems before a DoL inspector does means you can avoid harsh DoL penalties.
Here's how to do one in your workplace today.
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To do a health and safety inspection, follow these five steps

Step 1: Select an area to inspect.
Step 2: Prepare the documents that relate to that area (training documents, procedural documents, risk registers, etc.)
Step 3: Observe your workplace while your employees are at work.
Step 4: Compare what you see against your documents.
Step 5: Look for deviations in your health and safety programme. 
Following these five steps will help you do health and safety inspections and prevent those costly DoL fines from leaving your company in financial ruin. 
It contains everything you need to do foolproof health and safety inspections. 

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Here's how health and safety inspections could save your company thousands in DoL fines
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