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Here's how to deal with prohibitions, directions or notices from the DoL

by , 23 July 2014
If a DoL inspector comes into your workplace and finds you haven't complied with OHS regulations, he'll start handing out prohibitions, directions and notices left, right and centre. These all outline something is wrong with your health and safety and instructions on how to fix it.

If the DoL inspector gives you any of these, you have to deal with them A.S.A.P

Here's what you need to do, the moment a DoL inspector hands you one...

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Here's what you must do if a DoL inspector gives you an instruction

If a DoL inspector gives you an health and safety instruction, you must follow it immediately. If you don't, you'll face worse punishment than just a prohibition. 
We wrote about this last month. We explained how a DoL inspector paid a business owner a visit and told him to give his employees the correct PPE to comply with the OHS Act. When he failed to comply with the inspectors' instruction, he had to pay a R20 000 fine. 
If you don't carry out an instruction from a DoL inspector, this could happen to you too. But you mustn't just follow the instruction. There are a few more things you must do...

Ensure you do this if the DoL inspector gives you an instruction

If the DoL inspect gives you a notice of instruction, direction or prohibition you must tell your health and safety representatives and the rest of your employees. Give them hand copies of the instructions.
You must also display the notice on the notice board in your workplace so all your employees know about the changes that you have to make.
Ensure you do this as soon so you can to prevent a R20 000 fine of your own.
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Your Health and Safety role is not exactly an easy one!

Right now, the headaches, stresses, time-drainers and financial costs of Health and Safety in your company seem endless. You're having to constantly stay on top of changes and updates being made to laws and regulations – and implementing these changes.

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Here's how to deal with prohibitions, directions or notices from the DoL
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