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Here's one thing Construction Regulations 2014 haven't changed regarding construction work

by , 10 March 2014
As you know, rules in the construction industry have changed. What you may not know is that there's one aspect that hasn't changed at all...

Construction Regulations 2014: Requirements for demolition work haven't changed

You're still required to do the following when it comes to demolition work:

#1: As a contractor, you're required to appoint a competent person in writing to supervise and control all demolition work on site.

#2: The South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors explains that you (contractor) must ensure a detailed structural engineering survey of the structure to be demolished is carried out by a competent person. You must also ensure that this person has developed a method statement on the procedure to be followed in demolishing the structure.

You must do this before any demolition work is carried out and in order to ascertain the method of demolition to be used.


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That's not all to the Construction Regulations say about demolition work

#3: During a demolition, the competent person must check the structural integrity of the structure at intervals determined in the method statement.

#4: The rules regarding what you must do to avoid premature collapses haven't changed either.

When doing demolition work, you must take steps to ensure that:

  • No floor, roof or other part of the structure is overloaded with debris or material in a manner which would render it unsafe;
  • All reasonably practicable precautions are taken to avoid the danger of the structure collapsing when any part a framed or partly framed building is removed, or when reinforced concrete is cut; and
  • Precautions are taken in the form of adequate shoring or other means that may be necessary to prevent the accidental collapse of any part of the structure or adjoining structure.

There you have it. Requirements for demolition work haven't changed; keep on complying with construction regulations to avoid penalties.

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Here's one thing Construction Regulations 2014 haven't changed regarding construction work
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