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Here's what a DoL inspector will look for when checking your employees' PPE

by , 08 October 2014
The OHS Act states you must give your employees personal protective equipment (PPE). It doesn't say what PPE exactly, it just says you must do a risk assessment to ensure you give your employees the right one.

So if a DoL inspector comes by and wants to take a look at your PPE, he needs to see that it's doing its job.

And you need to know exactly what he's looking for when he does this inspection so you can guarantee your PPE will pass the test...


When he checks your PPE, the inspector wants to see this

The inspector wants to see that your employees' PPE protects them from the specific risks in their work. For example, if your employees work with fire or hot metal, he'll want to see that they have fire and heat-proof PPE.
This is where a risk assessment comes in. It helps you spot risks like these that you must protect your employees from with specific PPE.
But that's not all he wants to see when he checks out your PPE.
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The DoL inspector will also want to see these three things during his PPE inspection

1. The condition of the PPE
If the inspector sees your employees' PPE is old and damaged, he may instruct you to get them new PPE as the old equipment isn't effective anymore.
2. How you enforce your PPE rules
Do you have warning signs that remind your employees to wear their PPE or do you reprimand them for not wearing it? If he's sees you don't enforce these rules, he may advise you on what measures to put in place to ensure your employees wear their PPE.
3. How do you store your PPE
He wants to see if you store your employees' PPE hygienically so it doesn't become a health risk itself.
Ensure your PPE passes this inspection so you don't have to fork out for new equipment under the DoL's instruction. 

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Here's what a DoL inspector will look for when checking your employees' PPE
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