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If a DoL inspector arrives at your workplace, he'll want to see you've done these four things when it comes to PPE

by , 04 November 2014
When it comes to the OHS Act, you have to comply with every rule, no matter how small or simple you think it is.

That's why the DoL sends out inspectors to check you've complied with the OHS Act in full.

This includes checking your company's personal protective equipment (PPE). After all, this is also a legal requirement under the Act.

So if you open the door to find a DoL inspector standing there, be aware, he'll check these four things when it comes to your PPE...


Four things the DoL inspector will check when it comes to your company's PPE

1. Do all your employees have PPE?
It's important that all your employees have and wear their PPE. The DoL inspector will watch your employees at work to see if they have theirs.
If you have employees that don't wear their PPE, you need to show the inspector your PPE handout register. This will show you gave your employees PPE and they signed for it.
You can also show the inspector disciplinary records to show you've taken steps to get your employees to wear their PPE.
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Your 1 527 health and safety duties as an employer
When was the last time you checked what disinfecting agents and cleaning materials your company uses? 
Do you comply with the Hazardous Chemical Regulations? 
There are over 1 500 items you must evaluate in your workplace according to the OHS Act and hundreds more from SABS 0400: National Building regulations. 
2. Is your PPE risk specific?
The inspector will want to see that the PPE protects your employees against the risks specific to their work. You must do a risk assessment to ensure it does. 
3. Do you store your PPE properly
If you store your PPE on site, the inspector will want to see where and how you store it to ensure it's hygienic.
4. When last did you do a PPE inspection
The inspector will want to know when you last inspected your PPE for effectiveness. Show him your inspection records to prove when you last did an inspection.
Ensure your company's PPE passes the DoL scrutiny so an inspector doesn't charge you with hefty non-compliance penalties.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on your PPE health and safety obligations under the OHS Act. 

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If a DoL inspector arrives at your workplace, he'll want to see you've done these four things when it comes to PPE
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