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If the Ice Hotel needs fire alarms, surely you'd better have them too?

by , 19 November 2013
The Ice Hotel in Sweden has had to install fire alarms for the first time this year, to meet the requirements set out by the country's health and safety laws. And so should you...

It seems almost silly that a hotel made up of water (albeit frozen) needs fire alarms. But then, the safety of staff and guests is super important.

You may not be running a hotel, but you have to take the risks and hazards associated with fire, very seriously. Are you taking the right steps to protect staff?

The experts at the Health and Safety Advisor Loose Leaf highlight the actions you should be taking.

Six fire safety MUST-dos:

1.       Check that your building has been constructed to the right standards. South African legislation dictates that buildings must be constructed in such a way that:

a.       They protect the people in the buildings from fire, and
b.      They prevent the spread of fire from one floor of the building to the next, or from one building to the next.

If your building doesn't comply, call in the fire safety experts to give you advice for the measures you can take to up your safety.

2.       Ban smoking in enclosed spaces or areas where potentially flammable materials are housed.

3.       Make sure you conduct tests on all electrical equipment regularly, to check for fire hazards.

4.       Train staff to identify potential fire hazards in the workspace around them. Teach them to report the potential hazard, and make sure you deal with the hazard immediately.

5.       Make sure you have the right fire extinguishers and fire alarms, in the right places. Make sure these are inspected and serviced regularly.

6.       Train staff in the emergency evacuation procedures that must be followed in the event of a fire.
With these tips, you'll be able to prevent fires, by identifying potential hazards early. 

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If the Ice Hotel needs fire alarms, surely you'd better have them too?
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