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If you don't have these three things in your first aid treatment, you're not OHS compliant!

by , 05 June 2015
You have the legal responsibility of your entire workforce's safety.

The reality is that accidents happen in any workplace. It's your job to make sure you give your employees the proper level of first aid if an accident occurs.

Here are three things you must do to ensure your injured employee gets OHS compliant first aid treatment...

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How to ensure your employees receive OHS compliant first aid treatment

1. Appoint and train First Aiders
If you employ more than ten employees, you need to appoint a First Aider. There must also be one First Aider appointed to every 50 employees. This is a compulsory legal appointment.

You must send your First Aiders on a certified course, so that they have a certificate to prove they are qualified enough to attend to your employees. The DoL inspectors will want to see copies of these certificates when they visit.
Your First Aiders must also be sent on additional training to treat injuries caused from employees working with pesticides or hazardous chemicals.
Read on for two more ways to ensure your first aid measures are compliant…

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Two more ways to ensure OHS compliance when it comes to first aid in your business

2. Nearby emergency equipment

Eye-wash fountains: If your employees work with chemicals, you need to have eye wash fountains nearby. If the chemicals make contact with their eyes, they need to be able to wash their faces and eyes to reduce further injury.

Deluge showers: Install these where there's a chance chemicals could make contact with your employees' skin. The deluge shower must be fast-reacting with clean water in the same work area as your staff. Again, train all your employees on how to use it!

3. Easy to get to first aid boxes
According to the OSH Act, you have to provide first aid boxes where there are more than five employees.
You must provide a first aid box or boxes at or near the workplace. These need to be available and accessible for the treatment of injuries by the First Aiders. The number of boxes you need depends on the type of injuries likely to occur, the nature of activities employees perform, and the number of employees.

To learn more about what you must have in your first aid boxes, read this article.

Accidents can happen in an instant, so make sure you are always alert and ready. For everything you need to know about emergency first aid planning, click here.

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If you don't have these three things in your first aid treatment, you're not OHS compliant!
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