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If you use suspended platforms, here's what the Construction Regulations 2014 require you to do

by , 10 March 2014
In terms of the Construction Regulations 2014, you're required to do four things if you or your employees use suspended platforms. Here's what they are...

Construction Regulations 2014: Four requirements for suspended platforms

#1: The South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors explains that Construction Regulations 2014 require you as a contractor to appoint a competent person in writing.

This person must supervise all suspended platforms work operations and ensure that all suspended platform erectors, operators and inspectors are competent to carry out their work.

#2: Construction Regulations 2014 state that no contractor may use or permit the use of a suspended platform, unless:

  • The design, stability and construction comply with the safety standards;
  • He or she is in possession of a certificate of system design issued by a professional engineer, certificated engineer or a professional technologist for the use of the suspended platform system; and
  • He or she is, before the commencement of the work, in possession of an operational compliance plan developed by a competent person.

#3: In terms of Construction Regulations 2014, a contractor making use of a suspended platform system must submit a copy of the certificate of system design to the provincial director before the system is used.

Don't forget to include a copy of the operational design calculations, sketches and test results. You must also indicate the intended type of work that the system will be used for.


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Here's one more requirement for suspended platforms

#4: As a contractor, you must ensure that the outriggers of each suspended platform are made of material of adequate strength and have a safety factor of at least four in relation to the load it is to carry.

You must also ensure that the outriggers of each suspended platform have suspension points provided with stop devices or other effective devices at the outer ends to prevent the displacement of ropes.

Now that you know the requirements for suspended platforms, make sure you comply with Construction Regulations 2014.

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If you use suspended platforms, here's what the Construction Regulations 2014 require you to do
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