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Is your first aider able to treat minor workplace injuries instantly?

by , 26 April 2013
Yet another mine has been ravaged by an underground fire this week, with one miner dead. While this highlights the importance of conducting risk assessments to prevent health and safety like this in the first place, it also shows the importance of appointing a first aider if you employ five or more employees, who knows exactly what to do when an emergency strikes, as well as a properly stocked first aid box to minimise harm to your employees. Here are three 'first aid box' duties for your first aider to comply with to ensure fast treatment of injuries in the workplace.

An underground fire broke out at Harmony Gold Mining Company's Phakisa mine on Tuesday afternoon says Fin24.
Many suffered from smoke inhalation, with one woman going missing at the time of the fire and only found yesterday – dead. 
But it's not just fire-related injuries you need to worry about, as there are many ways employees can injure themselves in the workplace.
First step to minimising injuries in the workplace: Appointing first aiders
That's why you need to make sure you've appointed first aiders and that you have a well-equipped first aid box if your company employs five or more employees.
But your first aider's responsibility doesn't just include being responsible for the first aid box or simply putting a band aid on a cut – they have other responsibilities like knowing what to do in an emergency, says FSPBusiness.
It's not just about waiting for an emergency to strike: Three first aid box duties your first aider must comply with!
Your first aider will also need to ensure that the first aid box is ready for monthly inspections by your health and safety representative, as well as ensuring that the first aid box is adequately stocked at all times by scheduling a stock check inspection and ensuring that an order for stock replenishment is placed, says the Health and Safety Advisor.
This way, if a 'first aid incident' takes place, which includes injuries such as minor cuts, burns and bruising, the first aider is equipped to treat the injuries from the first aid box on site, with the employee staying at work without loss of time, says Kerusha Narothan, Product Manager of the Health and Safety Training Manual.
It's the only way to ensure your employees' minor injuries are treated instantly in the workplace.

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Is your first aider able to treat minor workplace injuries instantly?
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