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Keep your employees healthy and germ free in the workplace

by , 11 February 2013
Hill Croft School in the UK has been temporarily closed due to health and safety reasons. Potentially deadly Legionella bacteria was found in the building in a disused shower block during a planned water testing programme at the special needs school says the Newtown Abbey Times. But it's not just schools that need to watch out. Most offices have bathrooms that function as 'germ breeding grounds'. That's why you need to implement these three simple steps to keep your employees healthy and germ-free in the workplace.

It's no secret that bathrooms are a breeding ground for bacteria.
That's why you're obliged to provide sanitary toilets, urinals and basins in accordance with the National Building Regulations, says the Health and Safety Bulletin.
But bathrooms germs aren't the only ones that spread in the workplace
Many people are complacent about germs in the workplace.
But you can ensure your employees' health in the workplace by putting the following three tips in place, as suggested by the Labour Bulletin:
1. Encourage employees to frequently wipe down their work areas, door handles, phone receivers and touched objects with sanitiser.
2. Ask cleaning staff to disinfect all surfaces in the workplace daily.
3. Make sure bathrooms have antibacterial soap.
Put these three tips in place today and you're sure to also reduce absenteeism and a healthier workforce!

Turn to your Health and Safety Advisor to get  the legal requirements for other workplace facilities like the change rooms, dining rooms, ventilation and so much more!

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Keep your employees healthy and germ free in the workplace
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