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Know the basics: What should you must know about safe construction work?

by , 14 May 2015
If you own a construction company, you must make yourself familiar with the most important basic aspects of safe construction work.

After all, there are 30 Construction Regulations you must comply with to avoid delays, paying penalties or stopping of your project!

Understanding what's your dealing with in construction work is a way to make sure you're complying with all the safety regulations.

If you do any of the below three activities, then the Construction Regulations 2014 apply to you (Construction Regulation 1):

1. The construction, erection, alteration, renovation, repair, demolition or dismantling of, or addition to, a building or any similar structure;

2. The construction, erection, maintenance, demolition or dismantling of any bridge, dam, canal, road, railway, runway, sewer or water reticulation system or any similar civil engineering structure; or

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3. The moving of earth, clearing of land, the making of an excavation, piling, or any similar type of work.

And here are the definitions you should know:

Demolition work means a method to dismantle, wreck, break, pull down or knock down a structure or part thereof by way of manual labour, machinery, or the use of explosives.

Excavation work means the making of any man-made cavity, trench, pit or depression form by cutting, digging or scooping.

Tunnelling means the construction of any tunnel below the natural surface of the earth for a purpose other than the searching for, or winning, of a mineral.

Whenever you plan to do any construction work, you must comply with the Construction Regulations (Construction Regulation 2(1)). You must also comply with other laws and regulations that may apply to you.

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Know the basics: What should you must know about safe construction work?
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