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Lower employees stress in the workplace to ensure you meet their emotional health and safety needs

by , 08 February 2013
7 February 2013 was Canada's 8th annual occupational health and safety day. While most of the topics discussed on the day encouraged companies' health and safety officers to look after their employees' health and safety, it was mainly physical safety that was discussed. But new research shows you need to protect your employees' emotional health and safety too. Here are three ways to do so by managing employees'stress in the workplace.

Emotions and stress in the workplace can spread through the office like wild fire if you don't handle them properly, says the Huffington Post. 
It's easy to 'infect' those around you with stress, especially if your employees are working late and struggling to meet deadlines.
This has a huge impact on their stress levels, which often carry over when they go home.
Here's how to check your employees' stress in the workplace
Conduct stress assessments among your workers to recognise the signs and symptoms of high employee stress levels early. If they're highly stressed and not performing well, you'll need to take action to protect their emotional health and safety needs, says The Health and Safety Bulletin.
If their stress levels are high, you can lower employees' stress in the workplace in three ways.
Three ways to lower employees' stress in the workplace
1.Encourage your employees to listen to music;
2. Get employees to take a quick break to visit a website that makes them laugh;and 
3. Tell employees to do some easy desk stretches, says the Huffington Post.
If an employee has an emotional reaction in the workplace, let them express their emotions.If your employees are tearful or angry, let them vent. 
Don't say: 'Calm down,' or 'Try to be reasonable' – these comments are cold and condescending, says Rachel Paterson in the Labour Bulletin
Stress in the workplace can't always be avoided, but it's not always a bad thing.
Moderate stress levels can function as a motivating factor to get employees to take action and stop procrastinating.
Put these steps into practice today to ensure your your employees thrive (not crack) under stress in the workplace.
Turn to chapter S08 on Stress in the Workplace in the Health and Safety Advisor where we'll show you how to assist your employees in dealing with stress.


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Lower employees stress in the workplace to ensure you meet their emotional health and safety needs
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