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Minimise absenteeism by reducing incidents. Display these safety signs in your workplace

by , 03 August 2015
Accidents in the workplace will occur from time to time but it's your duty to ensure you minimise the risks as much as possible.

Use the correct safety signs to identify and communicate hazards in your workplace so that you can minimise absenteeism from injuries and court claims from injuries sustained by visitors.

Are all your employees familiar with the meaning of safety signs?
Serious work accidents can happen in an office, just as they can happen on a building site or in a factory. Many of these accidents are easy to prevent.
Caution! Always place a lot of emphasis on training and understanding of risks and hazards associated with work.
Don't over rely on safety signs. Different literacy levels and cultures can lead to different interpretations of the message intended to be communicated with the sign.

When we asked the Commissioner what he wants in an incident report, this is what he said...
Whenever you place a claim for one of your employees with COID, the Compensation Commissioner examines your incident report in extensive detail.
And I know exactly what he looks for!
He checks that every detail of the workplace incident or occupational injury has been included along with all the details of your investigation.
Miss JUST ONE point on his checklist, and he'll delay your claim. And your employee's compensation will now be your problem!
That's why you need to make sure you conduct a thorough incident investigation the first time around.
And I'm going to give you the tips he shared with me!

Types of safety signs
Prohibition signs
These signs mean that an action or activity is not allowed.
The symbolic shape is a red circle on a white background with a diagonal red slash through it. It's usually
superimposed over a black picture, e.g. a cigarette.

Mandatory signs
These signs indicate that an instruction must be carried out.
The symbolic shape is a blue circle with a white pictograph, e.g. safety goggles, is superimposed to
indicate the mandatory activity. The background is white.
Use the eye protection shall be worn and keep area clean mandatory signs

Mandatory safety signs
Restriction signs
These signs place a numerical or other defined limit on an activity or use of facility.
Its symbolic shape is a red circle but without the diagonal slash as in prohibition signs. This also would
have a black picture or other legend inside the circle, a white background and any text in black, e.g. speed limit signs.
Use the proceeding beyond this point prohibited restriction signs

restriction safety signs
Warning signs
These signs warn of a hazard or hazardous condition that isn't likely to be life threatening.
Its symbolic shape is a black triangle. A black picture usually appears inside the triangle to indicate the specific hazard. The sign background is yellow with any text in black.
Use the beware of poisonous substances and beware of slippery steps warning signs

warning safety signs
Danger signs
Danger signs warn about a particular hazard or hazardous condition that is likely to be life threatening.
Its symbolic shape is the word DANGER in white on a red oval, which is surrounded by a black rectangle. This usually forms a heading for a white background on the sign. Alternatively it may occupy the left side of a horizontal sign. Any text is in black, e.g. HIGH VOLTAGE
General information signs
These indicate the location of, or direction to, emergency related facilities such as exits or first aid equipment. The background is green and the picture is white.
Use the first aid equipment and direction to escape route prohibited signs

General info safety signs
Fire signs
The picture must be red with a white background.
Use the fire extinguisher and location of fire-fighting equipment fire signs
fire safety signs
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Minimise absenteeism by reducing incidents. Display these safety signs in your workplace
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