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Nine health and safety documents the DoL will inspect when it comes knocking

by , 06 October 2014
The DoL sends inspectors to assess if businesses are complying with the OHS Act all over the country.

If an inspector knocks on your door, he'll want to see these nine health and safety documents...


Show the DoL inspector these nine documents when he visits your workplace

When the DoL inspector comes visiting, he'll want to see your:
1. Health and safety plan;
2. Health and safety policy;
4. Health and safety procedures manual;
5. Training certificates;
6. Training registers;
7. Minutes and agendas for health and safety committee meetings;
Here's how to ensure you never have to go looking for any of these documents if the DoL inspector asks to see them.
*********** Hot off the press  ************
Do you want to be fined, jailed or have a criminal record for life?
If an accident occurs in your workplace, and the person dies, you could be charged with culpable homicide, charged penalties of R100 000 or 2 years in jail! The CEO or Owner of a company is personally accountable for health and safety at work. 
Do this so you never have to hunt for your health and safety documents to show the DoL inspector
The best way to keep your health and safety documents is in an organised health and safety file. Separate the file into different sections so you can always find what you need. Clearly label each section of the file to help you quickly and easily locate the documents.
If you're not sure how to create these documents or your SHE file, check out the Health and Safety System: How to start your SHE file from scratch.
It contains information on and templates for:
Risk Assessment
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Appointment Letters
Legal Agreements
Section 37(2) OHS Act 85 of 1993 and Regulations
Letter of Appointment as Contractor
Construction Regulation 5(3)(f) of the OHS Act 85 of 1993
Letter of Good Standing
Tax Clearance Certificate
Notification of construction work
Safety Plan
Fall Protection Plan
Inspection checklists
PPE Issue Register
Toolbox Talks
Accident/Incident report (General Administrative Regulation 9(3) – Annexure 1)
With this handy product, you'll be ready for the DoL inspector anytime, so get yours today. 

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Nine health and safety documents the DoL will inspect when it comes knocking
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