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Prevent incidents before they happen and save thousands

by , 15 July 2013
Incidents don't come with a warning sign and can happen to anyone, at anytime!

They can cost you thousands, maybe even millions in compensation claims. Plus, your COID premiums will increase because the more you claim, the higher your premium.

Department of Labour (DoL) Investigations into these incidents could stop production for days and they could even shut your company down! You have the power to prevent this!

Health and safety monthly inspection checklists
These handy health and safety legal inspection registers will help you identify problems before they happen. Simply print them out, complete them and file for your records. You can use the templates again and again.

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5 Consequences of accidents
  1. After an accident your budget plan's going to take a knock. This is because you're incurring costs you didn't plan or budget for. Accidents eat into your profits. They'll cost you more to replace what's been lost. And depending on your product mark-up, you'd have to make a much higher profit within the same budget period after each accident to cover the losses you incurred from these accidents.
  2. From a legal perspective, if you cause injury to your employee, you could be imprisoned for a year and the DoL could make you pay a minimum fine of R50 000 (Section 38.1 of the OHSA).
  3. If you cause your employee to become ill or if he dies, you could be imprisoned for two years, and the DoL can fine you R100 000 (Section 38.2 of the OHSA).
  4. If your employee dies because of an injury or illness you could be taken to court by the State for culpable homicide, in addition to the penalties and fines imposed by the DoL.
  5. You could even lose your business because the DoL has the power to shut your business down. They also have the power to stop you from opening another business or working in a position of senior management for another company.
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To find out what you need to do to prevent these things from happening to you, check out ChapterI07 in the Health and Safety Advisor.

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Until next time,

Stay safe.

Rachel Paterson
Business Publisher

P.S. Prevent costly incidents in your workplace by following the 15 easy steps in Chapter I07 of the Health and Safety Advisor.


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Prevent incidents before they happen and save thousands
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