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Revealed: Ten basic health and safety rules for stacking

by , 27 February 2014
Stacking and storage is where you neatly and securely store your materials, stock and equipment. You're required by law to follow these ten rules when you stack materials.

Revealed: Ten basic rules for stacking you must follow

You must follow these ten basic rules when you stack materials on top of each other. This ensures your stacked materials don't collapse, break or injure your employees.

The Health & Safety Advisor outlines the ten rules for you:

Rule 1: Plan your stacking practices. This means you must plan the space you want to use for storage. You must have enough space for what you need to store.

Rule 2: The person stacking your materials must have the knowledge and experience in stacking, or a person with specific knowledge and experience must supervise others.

Rule 3: Ensure that the base level you want to start stacking on is even. An uneven base level will cause your stack to collapse.

Rule 4: Where possible, use proper installed shelving for your storage and stacking.

Rule 5: It's best practice to only stack three times the square metres of your base. For example, if the pallet you're going to stack materials on is 1m x 1m, you can only stack 3m high.

Rule 6: Use the correct and unbroken pallets. Bear in mind that pallets come in different shapes and sizes.

Rule 7: When stacking materials, ensure your sizes are equal. If, for example, you work with boxes, make sure they're the same size. This will prevent your stack from being uneven and unstable.

Rule 8: Keep fire risks in mind when you stack and store materials. If your materials are highly flammable, you must have fire equipment nearby.

Rule 9: Don't let anyone climb on stacked items. If someone needs to climb on stacks, they must use a ladder.

Rule 10: If a stack becomes unstable, repack the stack before it collapses.

Now that you know the ten basic rules for stacking make sure you comply to protect your employees and your stock. Also checkout this article; it additional stacking and storage rules you must implement in your workplace.

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Revealed: Ten basic health and safety rules for stacking
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