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Safety audit scope: What should your audit workbook subjects include?

by , 15 April 2015
Did you know that your your audit team, in consultation with the Director, OHS and Injury Management, must provide broad instruction to the internal auditor(s) for each internal audit, by nominating audit workbook subjects to be assessed?

Confused? Here's what you need to know about this vital safety audit aspect.

Here's what we mean by audit workbook subjects:

• Policy

• Legal Requirements and Practical Guidance

• Management Plans

• Objectives and Targets

• Structure and Responsibility
– Resources
– Responsibility and Accountability
– Training and Competency

• Also include Consultation, Communication and Reporting
– Consultation
– Communication
– Reporting

• Documentation (Policy, Plans Procedures, SOPs, Instructions)

• Document and Data Control

• Risk Management Program and Operational Control

• Risk Management and Control
– Access Control
– Workplace Facilities and Amenities
– Safety Signage

Read on for more safety risk audit workbooks...

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More audit workbook subjects

• Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control of Risks
– Purchasing and Management of Contractors
– Product, Structures and Process Design
– Chemicals, Substances and Waste

• Risk Management
– High Risk Tasks
– Personal Protective Equipment
– Plant and Equipment
– Materials Transport, Storage and Handling
– Supervision
– Supply of Services and Goods to Others

• Emergency Preparedness and Response

• Monitoring and Measurement
– General
– Health Surveillance

• OHSMS Non-conformity, Incident Investigation, Corrective and Preventive Action

• Management System Audits

• Records and Records Management

Management Review. The internal auditor(s) shall:
– develop an audit plan detailing the criteria to be verified, using the Audit Workbook subjects
nominated by the audit team; and
– submit the audit plan to the audit team for approval.

When it comes to your Internal OHS Audit Closing Meetings, pay attention to the fact that the Internal Auditor should, where reasonably practicable, conclude the workplace verification component of the audit with a closing meeting with the relevant auditee representatives, addressing the following agenda items:

1 Appreciation of those involved in the audit;

2 Brief outline of the findings known to date, that is, areas of:
• Good performance;
• Average performance; and
• Poor performance.

3 Explanation of the next stages in the audit process, including some indication of the expected completion of the written report; and

4 Other business, including questions.

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Safety audit scope: What should your audit workbook subjects include?
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