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Sick of slack smokers affecting your non-smokers' health? Ban smoking in your company!

by , 30 April 2013
New research has found that smoking prevention programmes in schools reduce the number of young people who will later become smokers. But schools aren't the only places to ban smoking. Did you know it's perfectly legal to ban smoking in your company, too? Here's what you'll need to mention in your company's smoking policy if you do so...

Smoking causes five million preventable deaths every year, says ScienceDaily.
That's why school-based smoking prevention programmes are on the rise to prevent people from picking up the habit in the first place.
Four reasons companies choose to ban smoking in the workplace
  1. Not only does it affect the smoker's health,
  2. Smoking also affects the health of non-smokers breathing in second-hand smoke.
  3. In fact, smoking has been directly linked to increased absenteeism, as well as
  4. the slightly more obvious productivity drainer - taking long work breaks too often, says HealthMad
So it's no wonder many employers are now trying to recruit non-smokers.
But did you know that mentioning your workplace is a non-smoking environment – both indoors and outside the company premises – and that you don't allow employees to take time off for smoke breaks counts as discrimination? 
It's true, says the Health and Safety Training Manual.
That's why you should rather specify that your company's smoking policy prohibits all smoking – even e-cigarettes.
Because 'Smoking is smoking', even if there are lesser health risks associated to the electric cigarette, the Health and Safety Bulletin explains.  
 So if you decide to ban smoking completely in your company, you need to have a smoking policy in place that reflects this, says Kerusha Narothan, Managing Editor of the Health and Safety Advisor on FSP Business.
It's easy.
Here's what to mention in your smoking policy if you choose to ban smoking to protect your employees' health
If you want to turn your company into a smoke-free company, all you have to do is include a clause in your company's policy statement saying 'In the interests of our employees' wellbeing, our workplace has been declared a smoke-free zone. No smoking is permitted on our premises at any time by any person. Any transgressors may be liable to a fine in terms of the prevailing legislation', says the Health and Safety Training Manual.
It's the easiest way to increase productivity and protect your employees' health!

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Sick of slack smokers affecting your non-smokers' health? Ban smoking in your company!
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