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Six additional areas you must pay attention to if you have a flammable store

by , 14 February 2014
If you use flammable liquids in your workplace, continue reading to find out six more areas of a flammable store you must give extra attention.

In this article, we gave you five areas of a flammable store you must pay attention to. Now, we're going to give you six additional areas you must pay attention to.

Pay attention to these six areas if you have a flammable store

#1: Ventilation. Proper ventilation isn't only for offices; it's also crucial in your flammable store.

Make sure your flammable store is mechanically ventilated. This will help prevent the accumulation of any flammable vapour in any part of the room.

You must discharge the vapours into open air where they're unlikely to come into contact with any ignition source.

That's not all.

You must fit the ventilators tightly to the interior faces of the wall. Install low ventilators to ensure the removal of heavier air vapours that may accumulate at floor level. Also protect ventilation openings with non-corrodible wire gauze.

#2: Doors. Your doors must be made of hardwood, covered by metal no less than 1mm thick and carried on a metal door frame. The door must open outwards and must be fitted with a substantial lock. When not in use, keep the store locked at all times.

If you have two doors, situate them on two opposite ends of the store as far away from each other as possible.

#3: Walls. You must construct the walls with fire-resistant material.

#4: Notices. Not only must you have a notice on the entrance of your flammable store, but, you must ensure your notice contains the following info:

  • A flammable store is present
  • No smoking, open flames or other ignition sources are allowed
  • Also have the maximum capacity of the store.

Keep this notice in a legible condition at all times.

#5: Floor and threshold. The Health & Safety Advisor says you must construct the floor so it's recessed below the level of the door threshold so the flammable liquid can't escape from it.

The sunken floor must have sufficient capacity to contain the maximum liquid capacity of the store plus 10% of that. Construct the floor itself of concrete or some other impervious material.

#6: Fire fighting appliances. Make sure your store has at least two dry chemical powder fire extinguishers of at least 9kg each. Mount the extinguishers on the outside of the store and keep them in good condition and unobstructed, at all times.

Now that you know all the areas of a flammable store you must pay attention to, make sure you comply.

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Six additional areas you must pay attention to if you have a flammable store
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