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Six appointments you must make to comply with the Construction Regulations 2014

by , 27 July 2015
One of the main focuses of the Construction Regulations 2014 is to enforce stricter safety control measures in your workplace.

To comply, you need to make six appointments.

Let's take a closer look at what Construction Regulation 8 says about who you need to appoint to manage and supervise your construction work...

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Who to appoint to comply with the Construction Regulations 2014

1. The full-time appointment of a competent person as a Construction Manager
The Construction Manager has the duty of managing all the construction work on a single site, including the duty of ensuring occupational health and safety compliance.

2. An alternate Construction Manager
This appointment is for in the event that the Construction Manager is absent

3. The appointment of Assistant Construction Managers
You would base the need for this appointment on the size of the project you're working on.

Read on for another three appointments you need to make…
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Three more appointments you need to make to comply with the new Construction Regulations

4. A Health and Safety Officer
This would be either a full or part time appointment. You would base the decision on consultations with the client and taking into account the size of the project. The appointed health and safety officer must be registered with a statutory body approved by the chief inspector and must have the necessary competencies and resources to assist the contactor

5. Construction Supervisors
These appointments must be made by the Construction Manager. The Construction Supervisors are responsible for construction activities. This includes the responsibility to ensure occupational health and safety compliance on the project.

6. The appointment of competent employees to assist the Construction Supervisors
These employees must have the necessary skills and knowledge of what the project requires.

All of the above appointments will require Contractors to review their current legal appointment structures. And to make the necessary changes to ensure that the appointments made are in line with the requirements of the new Construction Regulations.

Remember these appointments are in addition to a number of other task specific appointments. All Contractors must ensure that their legal appointment structures comply with the Construction Regulation 8 duties.

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Six appointments you must make to comply with the Construction Regulations 2014
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