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Six factors to consider when preparing your health and safety audit schedule

by , 04 January 2017
Six factors to consider when preparing your health and safety audit scheduleYou know you need to conduct health and safety audits regularly. They help you identify the key problems in your Health and Safety System, check you're compliant and helps you prevent problems before they happen.

Before you start your audit, you need to draft a schedule to plan how you're going to approach your audit.


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Here's our list of six factors you need to consider when preparing your safety audit schedule…

  1. Location: What department or area will you include in your audit?
  2. Purpose/scope: Why do you need to do the audit? For example, is it a routine audit? Or problem investigated etc. What scope should the audit cover?
  3. Dates: How long will it take to complete the audit?
  4. Time of opening meeting: Every audit must begin with an opening meeting and responsible managers of the departments/areas you're auditing should be present.
  5. A timing plan of when you'll visit the areas that you're auditing: How many visits will you need.
  6. Time of closing meeting: Every audit must end with a closing meeting. Ideally, management who were at the opening meeting should be there.

These are just some of the factors you need to consider when planning your health and safety audit. Remember, it's essential to conduct audits of your health and safety system. You need to ensure you're compliant with the OHS Act in every aspect of your business.

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Six factors to consider when preparing your health and safety audit schedule
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