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Six ways to control smoke breaks and manage your employees' productivity

by , 05 June 2015
To this day, even after the smoking laws have been passed, smoking in the workplace still sparks heated debates between smokers and non-smokers.

And not because employers allow employees to smoke in non-designated areas. But rather the amount of time employees are allowed to spend smoking.

Read on for six ways to control smoke breaks in your company, and manage your employees' productivity...


Every day, your employees waste an hour on smoke breaks...

You can deduct money for time spent on smoke breaks off their salaries to avoid decreased productivity

Discover how you can deduct money for smoke breaks...


Six ways to control smoke breaks in your company

1. Develop a clocking system
You need to find a way to record the amount of time a smoker spends on smoke breaks.

2. Designated smoking area
Make sure the smoking area isn't too far away from the office. That way, employees don't waste time getting back to their work stations.

3. Limit the number of smoke breaks
Restrict the number of smoke breaks during office hours to tea times and lunch times.

4. Limit the duration of smoke breaks
Designate specific smoking times and impose a smoking shift system so employees don't all smoke at the same time.

5. Ensure the smoking area is visible
Put up glass partitions so you can monitor employees in the area. You should also consider putting up CCTV cameras.

6. Maintain discipline
Make sure your employees comply with your smoking policy. Discipline anyone who breaks the rules, and use them as an example to other employees.

If smoking in your workplace isn't managed, you will be held liable to a fine!  Discover how to avoid fines by being 100% compliant with smoking legislation in the workplace by clicking here.

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Six ways to control smoke breaks and manage your employees' productivity
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