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Study this one safety document closely to prepare for an unannounced visit from the DoL

by , 23 October 2014
The DoL could show up at your business at anytime. Its inspector will come into your workplace and examine every detail to look for signs of non-compliance.

Naturally you want to prepare for this event, but how do you prepare for something that could happen at anytime?

The trick is to do what you can now, so when it happens you don't have to panic.

In doing so, there's one document you must study and know backwards to ensure you know what the inspector will look for.

Read on to discover what this document is, so you can start preparing today...


Start preparing for that DoL inspection today by studying this document 

The one document you must study is the OHS Act itself.  After all, if someone is going to come into your business and ensure you're following the rules, you need to know exactly what those rules are.
This will help you:
1. Predict the areas the inspector will assess. This way you can inspect these areas and fix any errors you find.
2. Enforce your rights as an employer; and 
3. Protect your company if your inspector is, for example, inexperienced and accuses you of non-compliance when this isn't the case. If you understand the OHS Act, you can refer him to it and prove you complied.
Doing this will also have these two, even bigger benefits for your business.
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These are the two most important effects of knowing the OHS Act

Firstly, knowing the OHS Act will help you comply with the law exactly and avoid DoL penalties.
Secondly, it will help you keep your employees safe at work.
You can find a complete copy of the OHS Act here.
PS. We recommend you check out the Health and Safety Advisor as it contains tips, tricks, advice and step-by-step instructions on how to comply with the OHS Act.

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Study this one safety document closely to prepare for an unannounced visit from the DoL
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