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Take these seven easy steps and go from non-compliant to scoring a 100% on your next DoL inspection

by , 06 November 2014
If your company is guilty of health and safety non-compliance, you're in serious trouble because it could result in a fine, shut down or even jail.

That's why today we're revealing seven easy steps that will help you take your company from non-compliant to 100% ready for that DoL inspection.

Read on to discover what they are so you can ensure your health and safety measures are DoL-proof starting today...


Seven steps that will make your company's health and safety DoL-proof

Step 1: Appoint all the relevant people
There are 33 health and safety appointments you may need to make. Make the ones relevant ones to your company and implement health and safety measures.
Step 2: Do a risk assessment
A risk assessment will help you make everything from here on out risk specific. This is important as it ensures your health and safety measures actually protect employees from the dangers they face.
Step 3: Create your health and safety documents
You need to create your health and safety plan, policy and procedures manual. These documents will help you implement and enforce your workplace health and safety plan.
*********** Hot off the press  ************
Attention! Health and Safety specialists face fines imposed by the DoL!
You must comply with the OHS ACT!
Step 4: Train your employees
You must give all your employees training on health and safety. This must cover all the basics of your safety procedures. And you'll also need to give your health and safety appointments specific training so they can fulfil their duties. 
Step 5: Implement all your health and safety 
Put everything in place and ensure it works effectively.
Step 6: Monitor your health and safety programme
You need to constantly check your programme for any problems or gaps in your health and safety.
Step 7: Fix and improve your health and safety
Once you identify problems, fix them at once. You also need to constantly find ways to improve your health and safety so it's even more effective.
If you follow these seven steps, your company will score 100% during your next DoL inspection. 

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Take these seven easy steps and go from non-compliant to scoring a 100% on your next DoL inspection
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