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Ten tips to help you make correct and lawful appointments

by , 23 August 2013
You have a duty to provide and maintain a safe work environment for your employees. One way to do this is to make and lawful appointments. Use these tips to ensure you hiring process is above board.

One of the health and safety responsibilities you have to your employees is ensuring you make lawful appointments.

This is a requirement by the General Machinery Regulations and Occupational Health and Safety Act. Here are ten tips to help you comply, says the Health&Safety Advisor.

Make lawful appointments using these ten tips

Tip #1: The appointment must specify the name of the appointee and the specific area he'll be responsible for.

Tip #2: Make open-ended appointments rather than appointments with time limits, as you won't have to review them as often.

Tip #3: Ensure an appointment is re-issued when an employee leaves your company or his position.

Tip #4: If you've tasked another person, for instance your assistant, to be the appointing person, sign and date the appointment BEFORE your appointee signs acceptance. This confirms the appointment is an instruction from you.

Tip #6: Your appointee must sign and date the appointment form to confirm his acceptance.

Tip #7: Ensure your appointee READS the appointment forms and understands what his duties are.

Tip #8: Ensure you've clearly stipulated your appointee's duties in the appointment letter. Include a copy of the relevant sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

Tip #9: Ensure your appointee is trained in his duties and liabilities related to the appointment. You must arrange training. If an incident occurs because of your employee's ignorance, you'll be held liable and will run the risk of criminal prosecution, fines or a jail sentence.

Tip #10: Ensure the original appointment is kept in a central file and is available at all times for inspection.

Well there you have it. With these tips you'll be sure make lawful appointments.

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Ten tips to help you make correct and lawful appointments
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